Monday, June 27, 2016

Macrolatinos@: Noticias de Junio

Oportunidad de estudios

Estudios posgrado en Lisboa, Portugal
(via M. Kuemmerlen)
Fecha límite solicitud 15 de julio de 2016
Doctorado- Biodiversidad acuática  (enlace

Concurso Bolsas 2016 - Abertura

Interesados enviar correo electrónico a o, incluyendo resume corto y carta de motivos.

Estudios posgrado en Nueva Zelanda
(via M. Kuemmerlen)
Doctorado- Monitoreo de diversidad de invertebrados dulceacuícolas (enlace)
Contacto:  Professor Russell Death (

The quest for rare stream invertebrates in Middle Earth (New Zealand) - Although there is plenty of invertebrate monitoring for water quality in many of New Zealand’s lowland rivers there is very little sampling in the rivers of our beautiful national parks. The location, status, trends, and pressures threatening our endangered freshwater invertebrates are poorly known in NZ. This project, in partnership with the Department of Conservation and several other NZ research institutions, will test a range of sampling techniques, habitat types and spatial strategies to develop the most efficient sampling regime to assess freshwater invertebrate biodiversity. The hope is that this scheme will allow for the better management of the conservation estate by providing a rigorous monitoring regime for potential anthropogenic stressors on stream invertebrates. The research will also build on
existing predictive models to develop decision support tools to manage species richness in streams throughout New Zealand.


González-Soriano, E., F. A. Noguera-Martínez, H.C.P. Barba-Medina, S. Zaragoza y E. Ramírez. 2016. Libélulas y caballitos del diablo (Odonata). En: La Biodiversidad de Colima. Estudio de Estado. CONABIO. México, pp. 325-330. (enlace)

Goldschmidta, T., Helsonb, J. E., y Williams, D. 2016. Ecology of water mite assemblages in Panama – First data on water mites (Acari, Hydrachnidia) as bioindicators in the assessment of biological integrity of neotropical streams. Limnologica, 59,63-77. (enlace)

Tagliaferro, M. y Pascual, M. 2016. First spatio-temporal study of macroinvertebrates in the Santa Cruz River: a large glacial river about to be dammed without a comprehensive pre-impoundment study. Hydrobiologia, 1-15 (enlace).

Nota - Con mucho gusto compartimos los trabajos que nos hacen llegar a

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